Arizona Bucket List no. 76 – Rent a boat at Lake Pleasant

On a whim, the husband and I decided to stop at Lake Pleasant after an overnight trip in Yarnell. So we took I-74 and cut across the desert. I’ve been to Lake Pleasant a handful of times now. That’s where I did my PADI SCUBA open dives for certification.

We drove into the park (Maricopa County Parks) and at first he was dismayed because there was a line of cars to get in. Keep in mind this was 1 p.m. on a hot August Saturday. But the line moved quickly, kudos to the park service for that, and we paid our $6 to get in. We had the dog with us, some sandwiches and a cooler full of water.

IMG_1155.jpgIf you go and want to rent boats or jetskis, follow the initial signs towards the campgrounds and then look for the signs for Scorpion Bay Marina. When we pulled into the marina parking lot, at first we were confused, because it feels like you are up on a big cliff far away from the water’s edge. In fact, you are! But don’t fret. The vender has a tall staircase (kind of steep) and two self-service trams (they kind of look like outdoor elevators) to get you down to the dock. We had no problem with our load and our dog. In fact, it was kind of fun to operate the tram. But watch out for fingers when you close the heave doors.

The dog has never been on a boat before, so he was being a real baby about the dock and the water and the heat on his paw-pads. But eventually we got him down there.

Everyone in the rental office was so nice. We’d never driven a pontoon boat before, but they assured us it was easy. We got the 20-foot pontoon because it was cheapest by the hour and there was just the two of us so we didn’t need a huge party boat. Check out their website for all rentals and the rates. They do reservations for half- and full-day rentals, but not for hourly.

All-in-all, we had a fun few hours on the water. No one got hurt or sunburned. We captained the boat around and took turns parking in spots in jumping in the water. Fun activity and I’m glad we did it!


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