Arizona Bucket list No. 70 – Doug Stanhope

In late October 2017, I bought my sweetie tickets to see Doug Stanhope live. Stanhope is one of his favorite comedians. If you don’t know Stanhope’s work, it’s pretty out there. He tells some stories that are so fantastic, ridiculous, heinous and sometimes JUST WRONG, that they have to be the truth.

We saw him during the All Things Comedy Fest that occupied several venues in downtown PHX. We were lucky that his podcast recording show took place on stage of the beautiful and historic Orpheum Theatre. While we were there, we even ran into some old friends who now live in Bisbee, Arizona–practically Doug Stanhope’s neighbors!

The topics of the evening included a lot of low brow and dirty humor, tons of cussing, stories about masturbation, lots of drinking, Stanhope basically tearing apart one of his young comic friends… basically, it was everything we signed up for. We left with two beautiful collector’s edition Killer Termite T-shirts. 🙂